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chapter general principles
Goods of the 2nd chapter is consigned
The 3rd chapter goods acceptance of consignment
The first goods closes carry
The 2nd section goods is carried
The 3rd section goods arrives and consign
Change of the 4th freightage
The 5th freightage charge
The 4th chapter special type freightage
Express of aerogram and aviation carries the 5th order
Charter flight of goods of the 6th chapter, bag cabin is carried
The compensatory processing that goods of the 7th chapter carries out of order
Supplementary articles of the 8th chapter

chapter general principles

The first to strengthen the management of aviation freightage, safeguard normal aviation to carry order, according to the regulation of law of civil aviation of People's Republic of China, draft this regulation. The classics that this regulation applies to ground setting out, agreement stops the ground and destination to all be in the civil aviation freightage of churchyard of People's Republic of China.
The 2nd carrier ought to according to assure the key, principle that takes care of general, rational transportation, ground of safe, rapid, accurate, economy organizes freightage, reflect people aviation to be people's tenet.
In this the 3rd regulation following choice of words, in removing specific clause outside having stipulator additionally, the meaning is as follows:
() " carrier " it is to show the air-freight sheet that includes to accept a consignor to be filled perhaps saves the aviation acceptance of consignment of goods record to support of the people is carried or be engaged in goods of acceptance of consignment perhaps be being offerred
All aviation carrier of any this carriage other services.
(2) " procuratorial " it is to point to in aviation freightage, classics accredit represents the one of carrier.
(3) " consignor " it is to point to conclude for freightage and carrier contract, be in the person that air-freight sheet perhaps signs on goods record.
(4) " consignee " it is to point to carrier according to air-freight sheet what the name perhaps lists on freightage record and the person of consign goods.
(5) " consign a book " it is the written file that when showing the consignor deals with goods to consign, fills in, it is to occupy the credential that opens air-freight sheet with filling.
(6) " air-freight is odd " it is to point to a consignor or the consignor entrusts carrier to fill make, be goods of acceptance of consignment goes up for the course in carrier between consignor and carrier be ordered
The evidence that sign a contract.

Goods of the 2nd chapter is consigned

The 4th consigns goods by him dweller Id or other is effective identity document, fill in goods consigns a book, deal with to carrier or its agent consign formalities. When if carrier or its agent ask to issue unit recommendation or other,proving effectively, the consignor also should grant to offer. The goods that consigns a government to stipulate limitation is carried and the goods that need to wait for concerned government sector to deal with formalities to public security, quarantine, ought to follow prove with effect. Goods consigns a book fill in reach basic content:
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