International aviation carries an agreement
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Sign and accept native border aviation to carry the each country of the agreement, it is the member country of international Civil Aviation Organization, come to an agreement as follows:

The first each signatory gives the freedom in the sky about fixed international airliner listing under other contracting party:
(one) the right that does not fall to stop and fly across its territory;
(2) blame commerciality falls the right that stop;
(3) the right that debus comes from the passenger with aerostat citizenship territorial state, goods, mail;
(4) the toward the passenger with aerostat citizenship territorial state, goods, mail right before lading;
(5) the right of the passenger that before assembling and unassemble, be gone to or comes from territory of any other contracting party, goods, mail.
About this money (3) , (4) , (5) each provides right, each signatory bear of allow, be confined to make the nonstop flight number that come from or heads for the reasonable direct line with native land country of this aerostat citizenship to go up.
The right that this fund place provides does not apply to for military use the airport, but case fall of any fixed international airliners do not be in this. Occupy in war or military affairs feudal area and war on the supply line that waits for an area to this, the exercise of afore-mentioned rights must be in charge of authorities to approve via the military affairs. This ① agreement on Feburary 8, 1945 become effective. Government of old on June 6, 1945 China accepts this agreement, government of People's Republic of China did not grant to admit. -- complier is noted

The exercise of afore-mentioned the 2nd rights should according to international civil aviation temporarily the regulation of the agreement, after become effective of convention of international civil aviation, answer the regulation according to this convention. Agreement and convention are was in on December 7, 1944 of Chicago formulate.

When the aviation transportation enterprises that the 3rd one signatory gives another contracting party is not commerciality classics to stop the right, can ask this aviation transportation enterprises offers reasonable commerciality to serve via stopping a place here.
The each aviation transportation enterprises that this asks to run same course to be in must not have discriminate;
This one requirement ought to consider the locomotive ability of aerostat, and when carry out both neither is damaged manage of the airliner normally about international, do not damage any signatory exercise again the right and fulfil obligation.

The aerostat that the 4th each signatory has authority to reject other contracting party proposes a toast to take inside its territory the toward its the another ground inside territory orders guest before lading, goods and mail. Conclude a treaty each country bear allow does not conclude any agreements with concessionary this any prerogatives that any another country or the aviation transportation enterprises of any another country are a foundation with be being enjoyed alone, also do not obtain this any privileges that enjoy alone to any another country.
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