Russia promised visa-free 2018 World Cup tickets in advance reimbursement Shi
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Russia won the right to host the 2018 World Cup, Japan and South Korea for the World Cup in 2002 during an international competition to be feeling the hardships of the Chinese fans, the biggest of the Gospel than to not stay up all night watching. Of course, as Russia and China in close proximity, if the Chinese national team that entered the 2018 World Cup finals, a lot of fans in China or Russia is very interested in watching the scene, we do things for the first time, a simple view Ball Guide and the associated benefits, precautions, etc., talk to a reference. Fans can enjoy the benefits in Russia 1 According to the RIA Novosti news December 2, the Russian Football Association general manager, general manager of Russia's Alexei Sorokin Bid Committee, said: Every time the fans and ticket holders to enjoy visa-free entry will be treated in Russia, including of course the Chinese fans. 2 Putin promised that foreign fans travel expenses in Russia by the Russian government to bear in full. Currently available to explain is that when you hold tickets or related documents, you can always take a flight or train to Russia, to your arrival date, the Russian government to bear all the costs, and you do not have the Russian police will not pursue visa responsibility to maneuver between the ballpark in the major cities are also free ride when all modes of transport. Tickets or buy tickets to the success of the certificate is your passport in Russia, Also, please note that the above two offers only the current head of the Government and the relevant commitments, shelf life of uncertainty. Fans pay attention to safety issues According to a spokesman for the Russian government statistics released in November said that the current Russian national crime rate dropped last year by 13% over the same period, there are 8 years from 2018, the figure was optimistic about the current situation changes. But the black widow and the current impact of the Beslan hostage-taking, as well as the Moscow Opera House events, coupled with the current deteriorating situation in the North Caucasus, although there are still 8 years, but security in Russia is still not optimistic, the domestic crime rate in the city's daily , the Chinese fans need to be careful of the activities of international terrorist organizations, to avoid being implicated or involved. Road trip to Russia If you choose to travel by train, at home in the Northeast, from Changchun, Shenyang, or Harbin, the capital city to do the train directly to Moscow, along the way to enjoy the vast Siberian landscape, while Beijing has opened the train line to Moscow. If the aircraft, the few major cities have domestic flights. The cost of Russia Moscow hotel is a good point 150 to 300 dollars a night, almost need to 60,70 dollars a day, these costs on behalf of the Chinese fans probably will not be out of Vladimir Putin, the hotel does not pack a meal. Most hotels in Moscow access to the Internet, but the hotel which is very expensive, poor service attitude, the average 10-20 dollars a day. Tickets and related considerations Because Russia has a vast territory, Asia and Europe are divided into two parts, the time zone differences between the positive, but taking into account Russia's level of economic development in major cities and related sports, security and other factors, competition or arrangements In some European cities. Tickets before the fans and city of residence match please note the distance between cities and other related factors, the same time, the time of purchase Please also note the way ticket sales. Remove the housing, the biggest expense should be the ticket, the current Russian government did not formulate the relevant ticket prices, but the reference to the last 2 sessions of competition, the 2008 European Cup, group stage of the ticket prices in the 45-110 between Europe, the semi-finals is about 80-300 in Europe, the final ticket for the 160-550 to Europe, the European Cup will be fired about 10 times; South Africa 2010 World Cup Final Tickets $ 150 -900 dollars, the $ 20 group stage -160 U.S. dollars range, after the ticket into the knockout from the $ 50 -600 dollars. Way of selling tickets now to be determined Russia to England games this season, for example, through the ticket office sold 6,800 tickets sold out within a few hours. About 3 million tickets sold through the sale, including online booking. There are 2200 through the sale of football club. 4500 points to the British fans. VIP tickets left to the rest of the box office of the President, the Government and other state organs. The game total of 57 million tickets in the Russian Football Union. However, only the 74,000 stadium. Russia's climate Russia is located in the northern high latitudes from June to July during the World Cup comes on neighboring China, the temperature is relatively more desirable, in view of the host city for the time being determined. To Moscow, for example, relatively cool in Moscow early July, high temperatures at noon, 28 degrees -30 degrees, cool morning and evening, is recommended to bring long-sleeved clothing, long pants, and bring a jacket, it is quite cool after the rain . June the temperature is low, averaging 10-18 degrees, please keep warm. Immigration Information Please see additional instructions, especially to point out is: immigration officers to carry duty-free total not exceeding 6.5 million rubles, less than 35 kg weight of the goods.