Hong Kong Wen Wei Po the first comment by the China Aviation News Awards
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Occasion of the opening value of the Zhuhai Air Show, the first "China Aviation News Awards" presentation ceremony was held in Zhuhai. Hong Kong Wenhui newspaper reporter Peng Kailei 700 words written in 2009, comments "The discussion over the development of Shenzhou years the Chinese Air Force More open and more confident "won third prize of China Aviation News, which is only 60 winning entries in the two reviews, is one of the only foreign media coverage received the award. Lin, general manager of China Aviation Industry Group, the left-ming, China Fei Zhang Qingwei, chairman of China Federation of Commerce and other departments were present at the ceremony and speech presentation. According to Hong Kong's Wen Wei Po reported, "China Aviation News Awards" Activities Office official said that the number of the participating works and more high quality, wide coverage and competitive. After from the SASAC, the universities, working in the Air Industry and other sector experts group reviewed the individual vote and decided the press news, press communications, comments and reviews, news photos, the series combination of coverage, radio and television news, radio and television features, such as network news feature eight categories Body material first, second, third and Excellence Award winners.