Fake ticket real aircraft vigilance cottage ticketing website scam
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With the arrival of the National Day holiday, a substantial increase in the number of domestic trips, special fares have become hot items, some unscrupulous elements have also just around the corner, designed to implement various types of fraud scams. Provincial Public Security Bureau issued a special warning to remind Consumer vigilance, to guard against all kinds of ticket fraud. "Cottage ticketing website" scam: Recently, some law-breakers "clone" well-known ticket websites such as Ctrip, Air China and so become a "cottage network" of counterfeit objects. Criminals provide false accounts, consumer Meeting of the money but may not get tickets. "400 Phone" Trap: Some lawless elements will first apply for a "400" telephone, large well-known fake ticketing website or call the airlines and cheap flights available online information, consumers will be money to fight Lawless elements into account, the fare to be swept away. Refund middle of the implementation of fraud: criminals to help consumers through the normal procedures for formal booking airline tickets, the fare from consumers, it will promptly contact point of booking cancellation, have absconded after ticketed. Counterfeit tickets are tickets: Some Piaofan counterfeit tickets will be accumulated mileage tickets are sold, if the delay or cancellation of flights have additional questions, consumers will be unable to protect their own interests. Piaofan even some votes when the baby Adult tickets sold. Altered itinerary for fraud: a Piaofan altered by means of a single trip Wabu, modify fares, as it is purchased from the agents point folded tickets, by altering, fees charged the full price of the guests, if guests Required to change travel, there may be subjected to cheap tickets can not be altered tickets and other issues. Police warned consumers from regular sales agent or airline ticketing offices, websites to buy tickets, should not seek cheap and cheated, but also in time the authenticity of e-ticket check, check Check the serial number printed itinerary, after the upper right corner 4 is consistent with the verification code, is there SW, MH watermark words, consumers can also call the ticket hotline 4008158888 Air letter or Air Letter registry site authentication. Take To the ticket should first verify whether the information is wrong, including names, flight date, flight, direct or connecting flight information, conditions of validity and limitations, should also be checking e-ticket.