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Black agency forged military documents fraudulent purchase discounted tickets 52
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To make the difference, "black agency" for fake military officer secretly to buy on discount tickets and then sell it off to 9.5 passengers. Even more strange is that even with false tickets purchased through the airport security. Who is behind the amendment Changed the internal system of registration of airline tickets information? Recently, a rare track with the police cracked the case of fraud, criminals using forged documents fraudulent purchase discount tickets, airline internal management loopholes exposed. Currently, the three suspects on suspicion of fraud Zhabei Procuratorate approved the arrests have been. 52 "military officer" has a problem Recently, rail police Wang Jiamin in the Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport Terminal II patrol subway station and found a young man wandering in the subway security extraoral, hesitant. When he finished patrolling the mouth of another through the gates , The man is still walking back and forth in the checkpoint is not observed when the security instrument. A few minutes later, the man turned and left, from the other side there is no security gates instrument port stop. Wang Jiamin immediately stepped forward to open packages for inspection, please man. The inventory, men carry bag with a total of 26 military officer and 26 soldiers Disability certificate. Before changing jobs to become police officers, Wang Jiamin was a veteran, he is familiar to military documents, he concluded that these documents have a problem: "These are new documents, including documents in 2007, has With a 3-year or new; marked rank of lieutenant in the documents, in the picture, the man is wearing a major clothing; more male military officer, and close to the female head of the photo. " Compared with 52 police documents one by one, identified are forged, according to China's "Criminal Law" the relevant provisions of young men suspected of forging, altering, the armed forces sale documents, certificates and seals. Police rushed to the relevant departments to further examination of forged documents, and men back to the police station to start the trial. Buy discounted tickets for the carrying false Young men claiming to Li Guoyong, is a booking company's employees, the day was called "Lee GB" who sent him to the Hongqiao Airport with a military officer and military disability card to buy tickets. In Li Guoyong backpack police found three e-ticket, three tickets were purchased by military officer, is from between Shanghai and Lhasa. Police aware of track, the case becomes increasingly complex, Some will hide behind false hidden secret. Account of criminal suspects, according to Li Guoyong, three tickets each original 2,900 yuan, by virtue of these false documents, prices are only, to half of the amount, only 1,450 yuan each. Track branch deputy head of the Criminal Investigation Brigade, told reporters gold illustrates, according to state regulations, the use of military officer and military disability card to purchase tickets can indeed enjoy the corresponding price. But Li Guoyong using fake certificates Pieces of suspected fraud. The investigation, Li Guoyong where the ticket agent specializes in helping travel agents and airline ticket booking business, Li Guoyong work is between the companies and from the airport and booking tickets, these documents are the company to pay Li, GB To him. Li Guoyong and Lee GB is a cousin, Lee GB these false documents to Li Guoyong, the purpose is to purchase discounted tickets. When police arrived, ticket agents, the company has been left vacant, Lee GB disappeared . Why can check false tickets The behavior of the Li brothers, suspected fraud, track the police immediately inform the relevant Public Security Bureau to the airport. According to regulations, security checks before boarding process, the security staff will carefully check the identity of registered ticket information and documents. Once visitors leave the rough work with these documents will be security staff to see through. Li GB, as head booking company, certainly familiar with these circumstances, why did he have to risk it with a false air tickets? How will eventually use these tickets? Police analysis, Li GB, who may use false purchase tickets more than once, so the query to the airline ticket. The use of military officer and military disability card to buy discount tickets can only be specified in the airline ticketing outlets, the city is only four, investigators narrowed the scope of investigation at once. Ticket sales than the recent record, police found false witnesses of these 52 early in July in two purchased 5 tickets, and were in the July 11 and 15 successful flight. Investigators visited the airport security personnel, found that recent No passengers military officer on board. Half of the amount ticket resell Jiu Wuzhe Investigators further investigation found that five tickets of passengers are boarding with my ID card. In other words, the suspects used false statements to purchase cheap airline tickets after no change in the name of the premise, through a Kinds of channels, to modify the ticket information on the registration documents, the military officer into the card, passengers can use the ID card through the security check. According to passenger boarding information, investigators had found a ticket to use the five passengers boarding, they are to travel in Tibet. "At first, I attended a travel company's tour, was asked a travel agency purchase tickets Bought 9.5 off the ticket, 2,600 yuan, military officer, never heard of such a thing. " Is something wrong out in the tourism business? Investigators found the company, the other to reflect their company is commissioned to buy a ticket agent, taking into account operating costs, this agent offered ticket prices than the normal market Two or three hundred dollars each cheap price. After investigation, the agency said travel companies, is a ticket agent in Guangzhou, the company opened a branch in Shanghai, the responsible person named Li Guoqing, and the fugitive is only one word Lee GB. It is suspected of crime Suspect Li Guoyong account, Guoqing Li GB are brothers. At this point, Li Guoqing just from Guangzhou to Shanghai. Resting on the investigators said, the Shanghai company's business has been responsible for the national standard by Lee, he did not know what to use false purchase tickets. Who is behind the changes in passenger information The panel analysis, using illegal means to buy a ticket, change the information by illegal means, and ultimately become a legitimate ticket for use. Among them, modify the ticket information to this link, one of affirmation and airlines Departments concerned. After many setbacks, investigators finally found a department of the airline, where you can check all the tickets in recent months to change the information of the situation. Passenger information to change the ticket is a very tedious process, and And requires a high authority, have different passwords and password. Li GB, who are not airline employees, more than senior management, how they can easily change the information? Through five tickets from a ticket to check carefully the whole process of inspection, investigators found that five out of the ticket information is changed immediately after the vote, and change the password and the password can only ticket in the Guangzhou region in Use. Thus, the panel moved to Guangzhou to investigate the mysterious person behind the changes. According to the airline reflects a decade ago the password from the Civil Aviation Information Network Company dispensed to their use, they again had the password and the password assigned to a subordinate branch, but the public a few years ago, this sub- Division disintegrated. At present, the password and the password is not clear who is using. Years of change, people have changed, the user who is? The panel ruled out the possibility of passwords being stolen, Wang turned to the user from the initial start looking. After the disintegration of the password is not write-off company It turned out that Wang left the airline eight years ago, but did not cancel the password and password, but has continued to use. In 2002 he registered the ticket agent, the company closed down in late 2003, he transferred to the password Give the other person. Following various tracing, this June, a man named Bear lent from a company password. Recently, Shanghai, Chengdu, Sichuan police arrested suspects Xiong. According to Xiong account of his good relationship with Wang, Wang do not know the password, the password is put through over, and the ticket agent in Guangzhou, the company Li Guoqing combination. Resting is to do the team, with the password can see the ticket allocation, price conditions, was designed to facilitate more, did not think he would do other things. Investigators before the second appears in the Li Guoqing. "Customers like to order tickets, passengers will be sent to me the specific name, I'll do these names given false testimony, and false photos are on their casual get, and I could not even see Did not see. "Resting get the false, the courier sent to his brother in Shanghai, Li GB, Li Guoyong by others to send, holding false statements to the designated place to buy discount airline tickets," tickets bought, the brother would call To me, all the rest I'll get the. In fact, as long as the network computer can download software from anywhere with a password login system, modify the purchase of tickets left behind by the passenger information. "According to the account of Li Guoqing, Lee GB police found the hiding place in Shanghai.