Can the plane land below any weather conditions?
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When the plane lands, element of the circumstance of the climate condition that the driver needs fibrous root in the sky seizes the function characteristic of the plane, airport and landing aids and oneself technical water equality operates the plane lands. To major airport, the driver is in 60 meters commonly (200 feet) clear runway should see on height, and the horizontal visibility on track must be more than 600 meters, just can land. If the system lands of appearance on machine (ILS) , want the horizontal visibility on track to be more than 400 meters only, the driver can be in 30 meters (100 feet) clear runway looks to be able to land on height. Now, right round-the-clock land system, people is working in many development. Current, only 1011 planes deploy Germany of gram of the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces more advanced appearance lands system, the horizontal visibility that the driver wants to have 200 meters only sees clear runway can land on 10 meters height.

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