Round-the-clock plane and round-the-clock air man
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"Round-the-clock " be be translated from foreign language and come, textual means " rain or shine " , do not accept the restriction of harships namely. The airlines flies in sky, the restriction that accepts weather condition is very big, general aircraft falls in harsh weather condition or night cannot fly. As the development of science and technology, the plane equiped in great quantities electronic equipment, make the plane can be below complex weather condition fly with night, the plane that has this kind of property is called " round-the-clock plane " . Manage together, the air man that can fly with night below complex weather condition is called round-the-clock air man. Basis of our country civil aviaton of the technical level of flight personnel, airport case fall cent of ability of the flight between climate condition and day and night is by day 0, 1, 2 standards. If 1/1 standard air man is by day, nightly the air man that has flight requirement, namely " round-the-clock air man " .

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