What is custom passageway?
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Into, the passageway cent that gives custom is " of " of " red passageway and " green passageway two kinds.
When entering a country:
* every contains the guest that row of the place inside red circle has article on declaration form;
* China long-term people assigned aborad should hold " to import free goods to register card;
Travel of * Fan Laihua, be in business, visit one's family, working passenger is carried into condition the camera that exceeds viatic for private use, wait for article;
The person that * chooses passageway difficulty should choose gules passageway.

When leaving the country:
* is short-term come China when the passenger leaves the country, the primary goods that register is taken;
* every contains cultural relic and work of painting and calligraphy to reach those who carry goods, sample goods, exhibit to choose gules passageway please;
* holds free goods to register the Chinese passenger of card, choose gules passageway please;
The person that * chooses passageway difficulty, choose gules passageway please;
* is other can take green channel.

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