Xiaoshi of badge of bureau of new China civil aviation bureau
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On November 2, 1949, after bureau of civil aviation of council of war of central people revolution holds water, new China civil aviaton does not have badge of unified civil aviation bureau all the time external, to the business of civil aviaton the job brings a lot of inconvenience. For this, the design of badge of bureau of civil aviation bureau that leader of civil aviation bureau of the Central Military Commission appoints person specially assigned for a task to be comprised by landform of the earth, China, vexillary, gear and both wings, come at reporting favor of week of central the Central Military Commission on August 28, 1950 the vice-chairman is examined and approve. Vice-chairman Zhou made instructions on September 20 at of the same age: "Agree to use this kind of symbol, but banner all uses national flag, need not use vexillary. " before long, the banner in design of badge of bureau of civil aviation bureau converts ensign, allot formally carry out. But in executive process, because pattern is mixed, make and presswork give or take a lot of trouble, and not concise and marked, redesign badge of bureau of civil aviation bureau then. The pattern that Lu Shifang of commerical department of civil aviation bureau designs, more compendious, expert gravely, it is easy to be used on plane and car and building paint, make, use on presswork make more easily also. The content of bureau badge, the 5 stars meaning on 5 stars and ensign is identical, and the regulation is applicable and gules. Both wings is carried on behalf of aviation and general aviation, aureate, yellow is used by different situation when using or blue-black. Approval of new the State Council of classics of badge of bureau of civil aviation bureau began reinstate on November 25, 1956.

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