The evolution of date of airliner of our country civil aviaton
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Our country civil aviaton 1950 " 81 " after begin navigation, airliner number uses 3 Arabia block to become, be like " 100 " , " 114 " etc. The first word represents base setting out (1-3 is Beijing base; 4-6 is Chongqing base) , the 2nd word represents type. The 3rd word represents the way of this airliner. The airliner of the travel austral every and westing is used odd (1, 3, 5, 7, 9) ; Every north travel and east the airliner of travel uses even number (2, 4, 6, 8, 0) . Airliner number cancels since January 1, 1954, convert airliner code name. The first word represents base, 1 for Beijing, 4 for Chongqing, 7 for Kunming. Odd number of the 3rd word is go Cheng, even numbers is a return trip. As course ceaseless grow in quantity, date of original scheduled flight is incommensurate already, rise from October 10, 1968 accordingly, implement measure of new number of domestic flight number. Airliner number is comprised by 3 arabic numeralses. The first number states the plane place of executive airliner task belongs to management board; The 2nd number shows the management board that the terminus place of this airliner belongs to; The 3rd number shows a number. Provided the code name of each management board. After this, because domestic flight number increases ceaselessly, remove instead from April 1, 1980 4 numbers. The first number states the plane place that executes this flight number belongs to management board, dyad word states terminal place belongs to management board, the 3rd, word of 39 amount to shows a number.

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