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In October of new network Guilin 23 days of report (Ou Huilan manna) reporter today Cong Guilin two rivers the International Airport learns, since November 6, guilin - head Er course will increase flying flight number, by current every week 2 increase 4, this action will bring more Korea visitor to Guilin city.

As we have learned, in recent years, grow ceaselessly as the Korea guest that comes round to Guilin city travel goes sightseeing and invest, seize the opportunity non-stop flight to comes the Korea guest year after year of laurel rises. 7 years of 00 2 Guilin come course carries an Er in all passenger going there and back amounts to more than 55000 person-time, grow 65.3% compared to the same period. Come this year in September, although be affected by the objective element such as natural disaster, guilin comes course maintains an Er from beginning to end the airliner flies, and average guest leads line achieved 75% , increased 12 percent compared to the same period. This year September since the last ten-day of a month, guilin aviation carriage market lasts exuberant, korea passenger volume warms up quickly also, those who have is weekly 2 airliners already cannot satisfy market demand, below the harmony of concerned respect, since November 6, guilin comes line will add an Er the airliner flies.

It is reported, increases flight number uses empty objective by Oriental airline 32 0 planes are carried out, airliner date is MU2 0 15 / 6, every week 4, 7 each fly to, 12:50 from head Er takes off, guilin takes off 16:20. (Be over)

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