Big mist of mouth of the Yangtse River diffuses Shanghai Pudong International Ai
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October of Shanghai of China News Service 19 days of report (reporter Chen Jing) the message that comes from branch of Shanghai edge check, today (19 days) mouth of before dawn the Yangtse River appears big mist weather, cause include Wu Song, outside Gao Qiao, foreign hill inside Shanghai harbor complete harbor comes in and go out nearly 100 times border ship is affected. Big today mist also invades Pudong, descend surely formerly 4 airliners of Shanghai Pudong International Airport are urgent airport of bridge of equipment Jiang Hong.

According to introducing, because of river side big mist diffuses, visibility on the low side, region of saliva of Shanghai harbor the Yangtse River is in the condition that seal boat basically, distribute news dispatches up to the reporter when, include Wu Song, outside Gao Qiao, foreign hill inside Shanghai harbor complete harbor comes in and go out nearly 100 times border ship is forced to cancel discrepancy condition to plan, only area under administration of station of the check side Wu Song has ship of sailing of more than 40 international to cancel discrepancy condition to plan. These ships part berth awaits choose machine approach in berth, dock.

According to the check side Wu Song the station concerns personage introduction, edge check branch starts special weather instantly urgent beforehand case, pay close attention to information of trends of imports and exports of maritime field ship closely, master shipping voyage plan; At the same time attention weather changes, report weather case in time to the ship. Fuzz people still strengthened pair of area under administration to stop marine go on a tour of inspection, publish round of staff information with seasonable and accurate knowledge.

The basis comes from the message of check of rainbow bridge edge, from before dawn 6 when case to midday 12 when, MU54 (Paris, Shanghai Pudong) , MU544 (Singapore, Shanghai Pudong) , MU219 (Frankfurt, Shanghai Pudong) , MU539 (kuala lumpur, Shanghai Pudong) enter a country 4 times the airliner has temporarily because of big mist weather airport of Jiang Hong bridge. The equipment of arise suddenly falls the destination that invites a lot of guests and journey produced change, because a favourable turn must be worn urgently,still have partial guest drive toward Pudong.

According to knowing, the near future is affected as a result of the weather such as fresh gale, big mist, the airliner falls fully the circumstance happens from time to tome, for this, public figure of edge check department expresses to hope discrepancy condition passenger understands place in time to take airliner news, reach the airport as early as possible, dial hot line inquiry ahead of schedule, lest delay the journey.

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