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Passenger Cheng Mou is hoping to board the plane brake mouth is shut, he what hold boarding check however have no alternative. Because he is in,install check mouth suffocate suffocate. Yesterday (19) day in the morning, in Guangzhou Bai Yun International Airport (the following abbreviation " Bai Yun airport " ) had gotten boarding check to fail to board a plane however finally so like him, only Inc. of Chinese southern aviation (China Southern Airlines Company Limited, the following abbreviation " Na Hang " ) the passenger has 18.

Last morning 7 when half, the reporter installs check mouth to see in area of B of white cloud airport, although 12 install check mouth to be opened entirely, but every passenger queueing up of the mouth that install check has 20 much people. The reporter observes discovery, a fare that got boarding check comes to here, need ability many minutes 20 to pass the mouth that install check about, often the passenger is checked to go out or there is banned article in baggage, need opens a bag to be taken bring check machine too afresh. The Yang Dajiang's couple that heads for Chongqing is such, what they take is 8:5The Na Hang airliner of 5, congee of eight treasures of a few canister and beverage were installed in baggage bag, hate to part with refuse, the couple that spent to install check mouth two come out to eat off them rapidly again, had queued up to install check mouth again, seize the opportunity without incur loss through delay fortunately. 8 when make partly, 4 passengers run hurriedly, the ability when queueing up to install check suddenly be enlightened, they should board the plane in A area.

According to Na Hang the ground protects sectional introduction, the passenger is the Na Hang that leaves a port at ordinary times commonly everyday left and right sides of 20 thousand person, can achieve left and right sides of 27 thousand person on the weekend, such passengers had queued up to install check time to be lengthened necessarily, add upside to divide a passenger to carry banned article, so everyday the passenger got boarding check finally however incur loss through delay boards the plane, can change below the autograph one flight number only, the appeal does not carry banned article with installing check quickly.

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