Hill of saddle of airport of peach celestial being awaits machine building to be
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According to introducing, after having city of hill of saddle of airport of peach celestial being to await machine building, the passenger can await machine building to be dealt with directly in this seize the opportunity formalities, take airport express to arrive directly at peach celestial being next International Airport, through how boarding the plane directly after check, than before convention seizes the opportunity managing a hour. At present airport express is received freely send a guest provisional for everyday 4, go-off is saddle hill 5 when 30 minutes, 10 when; Release time of airport of peach celestial being is 15 when, 17 when 30 minutes. The passenger should shift to an earlier date 5 minutes only, after exchanging boarding check, can head for airport of peach celestial being by the car.
Car Cheng time needs one hour
City of “ saddle hill is join is forward position with Dalian, with battalion mouth, bright and beautiful city, red east for both wings, the mid city that is hinterland with Shenyang group mid city. Saddle hill awaits the different ground that machine Shenyang boards the plane to await machine mode to will be saddle hill citizen to seize the opportunity to offer advantage in Shenyang, provided strong support to make airport of hub of area of peach celestial being again. After the Song Dynasty of vise general manager of International Airport joint-stock company builds ” peach celestial being to describe saddle hill city to await machine building to enable so, give the action that brings between two ground.
According to statistic, the guest that saddle hill city has 120 thousand every year about is in airport of peach celestial being change trains, undertake activity of degree of relationship of business affairs, conference, travel, explore. Saddle hill is apart from time of Cheng of car of airport of peach celestial being to restrict a hour, it is the main discrepancy airport of passenger transport of saddle hill aviation at present. City of hill of saddle of airport of peach celestial being awaits machine building investment to use, the current situation that can remedy inorganic field of saddle hill city, quicken “ one hour at the same time the formation of economic circle ” , change trains of the stream of people that should await machine building to still will become big Shi Qiao and sea city, content shedding builds up the ground.

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